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visual art
contemporary sculpture
Anna Zanichelli Artist

Greasy pole - 2019 - Soap - variable dimensions




Contemporary sculpture.


The greasy pole is an ancestral popular game; a pole is smoothed, greased and planted in the ground. The goal is to climb to the top to join the gifts hanging there. Once, when the soap pole was still standing, men were unable to climb it, their moist bodys were unsuccessfully gliding over it. The only way to reach the top was in the absence of the body.

Now the soap pole has fallen. Like the marble columns of a temple that used to be, the mast keeps the memory of a ritual, the one of its manufacture.

A ruin, soon erased by the rain.      


"Once, when the soap pole was still standing", during the exhibition Love-Ath, Ath. 2018 - 400 x 30 x 30 cm

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